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About us is your specialist in running affairs all over the world and the official travel partner of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon and Mizuno Half Marathon. Learn more about us

Thanks to our many years of experience in the running travel industry and highly knowledgeable employees we can take care of all your running wishes or give you the best advice for planning your weekend in Amsterdam. Who better to ask than the locals, right?

What do we offer?

We offer you guaranteed entry to your chosen distance in combination with a hotel stay and much more. We can take care of your individual or group needs, whether you are a participant or only a spectator.

Check our selected hotels in Amsterdam, which provide you with a comfortable stay and are equipped with everything a runner may need during his or her stay.

Additional Services such as flights, transfers, excursions such as an exclusive city run, meal plans can be easily arranged and tailored to your specific needs upon request. Simply contact us!

During your stay in Amsterdam we will be in the area 24/7 because we always want to be close to our guests, this makes us able to assist within seconds if there is need for extra service or assistance.

Where does our experience come from? is the leading marathon travel operator in the Netherlands and send thousands of runners on their way to participate in various running events. Traditional marathons, half marathons, ultra-marathons, trail run events and shorter distances such as 15K or 10K runs can be booked by us. All our packages always guarantee your entry and entail hotels, which are selected according to our running travel standards. We know what it takes to take care of the specific needs of runners and we profit from our knowledgeable staff and hospitality minded attitude.

Under our Belgian label, we offer our services to our neighbours in the south. Also here we have established a successful standing in the market and are taking care of the running travel needs of our customers. is our German label and offers complete packages including guaranteed bib numbers, flights, hotels and more to the German speaking markets. If you want to know more about and our complete organization, please contact us. You can find the contact information under the contact tab.