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21 Sep 2021 - 27 Sep 2021

Great Wall -- Great Wall Marathon
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21 Sep 2021
27 Sep 2021
25 Sep 2021
01 Aug 2021

The race
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Great Wall Marathon slide
Great Wall Marathon slide
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The Great Wall Marathon is held in China and is one of the hardest and most extraordinary runs of the year. This is the original Great Wall Marathon run since 1999, it is an extreme marathon and is therefore also called the Adventure Marathon. For about 7 km, the Great Wall of China is the scenery. Steep stairs, winding paths where the stairs are missing, flat wall sections, all this appears during the section over the wall. A total of 5,164 steps back in history! At the same time, the beautiful scenery is a relief for the runner. Despite the difficult course, this marathon is a marathon to be enjoyed. What you will also see is how the impressive wall runs over the mountains. There is also the possibility to participate in the half marathon or the 8.5 km Fun Run.

Registration Great Wall Marathon 2021 offers you a package with a guaranteed runner’s bib and accommodation. Furthermore, we offer the possibility that family members or friends can travel with you as companions and together you can enjoy this event.

Take a look at our packages. We ensure that during your stay in China everything is arranged down to the last detail so that the athlete can fully devote himself or herself to the run. Whether individually or with a running group, with us you run around the world!

Book now directly and secure your entry with guaranteed participation!

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Event details

Saturday, 25 September 2021
Start time
Start location
Huangyaguan, Jizhou, China
Finish location
Huangyaguan, Jizhou, China
Expo location
Jizhou, Tianjin, China

Goodie bag and bib number will be delivered to the hotel.

Time limit
During the Great Wall Marathon it is humid and hot.

From the start it goes straight uphill until about 7 km. Then downhill and flat until 17 km. Then it goes up again until 23 km. Then again a descent and a short climb. From the 35 km point it goes up again until km 37 and the end is downhill with an occasional small bump.

Medal and T-shirt

The map below shows the locations of the start & finish, our hotels of choice and the expo location. Underneath the map, there are two buttons which show the course and elevation maps of the event.

  • Trip schedule

    You fly to Beijing on your own or arrange the flight ticket through us.

    Welcome to China! Today you will arrive in Beijing. In the arrivals hall there will be people who will show you the way to the bus. Then follow the transfer to Jixian (about 1.30 hrs) After checking in at your hotel you will receive a goodie bag. Upon arrival at the hotel, please check the information board for the contact details of your tour guide. The rest of the day is for leisure in Jixian. No meals are included on this day.

    Great Wall Marathon route exploration. After breakfast transfer to the Great Wall for inspection of the route. All runners are expected to run the 3.5 KM of the Huangyaguan section, which is part of the marathon. Supporters are allowed to join during the exploration, only a good basic condition is required. A sandwich lunch is included. Jixian is about 45 minutes drive from Huangyaguan. The afternoon is for leisure. On this day breakfast and lunch are included.

    Relax and prepare. Today you have the day at leisure in preparation for the big day. A visit to the local atmosphere of Jixian or participate in the Qing Tombs Tour (€ 90 pp) are also possible. Lunch is included when participating in the tour. At dinner you can eat carbohydrate-rich dishes. Breakfast and dinner are included as standard on this day.

    Today is the big day! After an early breakfast the departure from Jixian is planned around 05:30 to leave for Huangyaguan. Also here you have to check out at the hotel before departure. After a warm-up and speeches by local officials, the event starts at 07:10. Sandwich lunches will be provided for everyone. After the Marathon you will go to Beijing by bus. The buses leave between 12:00 and 16:30. Breakfast and lunch are included on this day.

    Discover Beijing, excursions and the marathon party. Today is a day of recovery. Sleep in, go shopping in Silk Alley or explore Beijing are some of the possibilities today. Today there are also two excursions in which you can participate. The city of emperor tour (€65) or a visit to Giant Panda Summer Palace (€60) are the excursions to choose from. In the evening there will be a joint dinner for 'the big celebration dinner'. All participants will be picked up from their hotel and brought to the appropriate location. Breakfast and dinner are included as standard today. If you have booked a tour, lunch is also included.

    The last day. After breakfast you will go to the airport for the return flight. Transfer to the airport is included. In case of a possible extension, the transfer is not included. We wish you a pleasant journey home.

  • Transport

    We do not offer transport for this arrangement by default. However, we do offer the option to book flights with us. Prices will vary if you choose to make use of our service.

  • Accomodation
    Great Wall Hotels
    € 1585,00 per person

  • About Great Wall

    The Great Wall of China, also often referred to as the Great Wall, is one of the seven wonders of the world. The more than 6000 km long defense wall has a long history and is often called the biggest construction project ever. The wall served as protection against the Mongol Empire of the legendary Genghis Khan. In the following years the wall was extended by the Ming Dynasty. In the 1980s, the Wall was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Located in the northeast of China, this extraordinary and massive building can still be visited today. This is easily accessible from major Chinese cities like the capital Beijing.

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